If you’re here and have no idea what you’ve stumbled into, then welcome to the insane and wonderful world of Fake Rares. This may have started as a joke, but it has evolved into so much more. Whether you’re an artist or a collector, feel free to poke around the site. Most of the action happens in our telegram though, so come say hi.

It’s gallery season…

Progressive Memetics and (Fake) BTC Miami
May 2023

The exhibition “Progressive Memetics” curated by Pepenardo and Dennis Koch garnered immense success and overwhelming praise from attendees and enthusiasts alike.

People were captivated by the diverse range of artists showcased at this highly anticipated event, which boasted works by renowned artists Fake Scrilla, T Wade, Carsonated, NAPLES, NiliCoins, Robness, Pepenardo, Koch, and many others. The Fake Rare booth, an exclusive addition to the main exhibition, featured physical works by JB and Luis Simo as pepe invaded BTC23.

One of the highlights was the interactive display developed by Robot Loves Coffee. This installation allowed for active community participation, fostering a sense of engagement among collectors and artists. Additionally, artist LOVEBEING, crafted a digital mecca showcasing the entirety of the Fake Rare collection on 6 large MetaSill screens. 

The show stopper, a monolithic Picasso-inspired painting titled “PEPERNICA” by Luis Simo, was purchased in a stunning sale for 1.6 BTC.

April 2023

NYC will never be the same. Another sell out. Three straight years of Pepe invading the corner of 72 Warren and 80 Broadway in the heart of TriBeCa. Pepe Is Art featured Fake Rares, Rare Pepes, Pepes on Ordinals, and saw a Pepenardo FAKESCIENCE original fetch over 4 BTC! The Fake Rare gallery became a hub for the finest collectors and artists, drawing in Pepe enthusiasts from the larger NFT community all week long. Each piece displayed was a unique, meticulously handcrafted work of art, from exquisite oil paintings to sculptures and everything in between. LOVEBEING blew our minds with a live presentation of a growing and expanding work that is a testament to artistic ingenuity. Let’s not forget about Jules, whose interactive live glitch set-up allowed everyone to step into the world of experimentation.

Fake Miami Basel
December 2022

We hope you were entertained as Fake Rares took over Modern Art Theory in Wynwood. If you missed it, it was like all the other fake galleries, except better. Recap to come, but in the meantime, zoom in on this Viva La Vandal masterpiece and check out the scarce.city lot here.

DYOR at Kunsthalle Zürich
October 8 2022 – January 15 2023

This exhibition broadly focuses on artists, projects and platforms that have had a significant influence on the crypto art scene. Our very own Fabian Wyss (aka FWD) has carefully curated the Pepe the Frog Space to showcase Rare Pepes, Fake Rares and Fake Commons. Take a peek for yourself here.

June 19-23 2022

Mellow Mining came through with a recap of the week… read the Post Game Report to relive the magic or exacerbate the FOMO.

June 15-18 2022

Fake Lenny captured with near 100% accuracy the events the week with a masterfully crafted Post Game Report

What’s new in Fake Rares…


Attention Fakers: As of 11:11 on 8/22/22, Fake Rares has instituted a new branch called the FAKE LABRATORY. While still in Beta, Fakers are encouraged to utilize the FAKE LAB as a source fir all questions and concerns relating but not limited to Fake Rares and Commons artistic critique, feedback, distribution guidance, etc.  

Please be assured that all work-in-progress artworks and ideas will be handled with incredible care and anonymity. Postings in this telegram chat will be deleted on a frequent basis, just as well, you will be kicked from the LABRATORY after you have received your informed reply.  Do not be offended, you are welcome back anytime.

TLDR: Your loving Fake Scientists are out for repairs.  As a solution, FAKE RARES has established the FAKE LABRATORY.  Please redirect all your submission questions to the lab.

Fake Wax Vol I Vinyl Records are here…

Breaking Fake News: 

FAKEWAX was emancipated and given Fake Statehood in Series 4 thanks to a frog and 50+ creators. The Fake scientists decided we needed to add the Special Edition Viva La Vandal created FAKEWAX card retroactively, and make it the 51st state of the ground-breaking Series 4 collection of the Fake Rares.

Read more details here. If you want to redeem your token, fill out the claim form here.

VVD Curates Series 8 of Fake Rares

Peep the lineup here.

La Faka Has Been Defeated

TOD 11:58 AM May 26, 2022

Read at your own risk here.

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