If you’re here and have no idea what you’ve stumbled into, then welcome to the insane and wonderful world of Fake Rares. This may have started as a joke, but it has evolved into so much more. Whether you’re an artist or a collector, feel free to poke around the site. Most of the action happens in our telegram though, so come say hi.

What’s new in Fake Rares…

Fake Wax Vol I Vinyl Records are here…

Breaking Fake News: 

FAKEWAX was emancipated and given Fake Statehood in Series 4 thanks to a frog and 50+ creators. The Fake scientists decided we needed to add the Special Edition Viva La Vandal created FAKEWAX card retroactively, and make it the 51st state of the ground-breaking Series 4 collection of the Fake Rares.

Read more details here.

VVD Curates Series 8 of Fake Rares

Peep the lineup here.

La Faka Has Been Defeated

TOD 11:58 AM May 26, 2022

Read at your own risk here.

It’s gallery season…

June 19-23 2022

Mellow Mining came through with a recap of the week… read the Post Game Report to relive the magic or exacerbate the FOMO.

June 15-18 2022

Fake Lenny captured with near 100% accuracy the events the week with a masterfully crafted Post Game Report.