During this year’s NFTNYC we saw many crypto art installations and pop-up galleries as a wave of artists and degens descended upon the Big Apple.  Most notable were the collaborative Frogs Over Fiat (Fake Rares) and Pepe is Art (Scarce.City) galleries in the city’s Tribeca neighborhood, where a Rare Pepe block party was in full swing.  

Catching the attention of passersby, Snuxton Pack’s PEPESHOW fully illuminated the Fake Rare Gallery at the corner of West Broadway.  Exquisite stained glass pieces by Rare Scrilla greeted patrons at the entrance of both galleries.  Once inside, stunning works from Michael Naples, Viva La Vandal, Melih Polat, LOVEBEING, T. Wade, Mr. Hansel, Zima Blue, CESONE and many others captivated the crowds.  Also in attendance, representatives from Bitcoin Magazine announced the release of their latest issue featuring an article about Rare Pepes.  The article highlights the history of Rare Pepes and includes artwork by Rare Scrilla.

At the event, the phenomenal Pepenardo unveiled the incredible works: FAKISTAN, FAKEPERSIST and CHAOSMUNDI.  Providing the soundtrack on Wednesday evening and smashing up the turntables with funky grooves, legendary DJ Q-Bert entertained with a 4 hour long, sensational cut and scratch performance.  Patrons were able to mint a free NFT instantly at the world’s first NFT kiosk by IRLmints.  Just next door in the Scarce.City Gallery, innovative and nostalgic works from artists like Gus & Veto Grillasca, Marcus Connor, Tommy Marcheschi, RYR, Zetra, Easy B, as well as many others were also melting faces at the exhibit.  A marked success, the works at both galleries were completely sold out by the conclusion of the event.

Written by Mellow Mining

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