People have been issuing assets on Counterparty for years… as names, bizarre art projects, fantasy football leagues, magic-style trading cards, and ultimately… rare as fuck frog memes, known to mankind as Rare Pepe.

In April of 2018 (too busy to fact check exact dates… this might be a bit fake) the Rare Pepe scientists retired and left us to ponder the next step in evolution for Rare Pepe. After all, many memes were left on the cutting room floor because they weren’t submitted in time, were rejected by scientists, or were just created outside of the scope of Rare Pepe.

Here’s an important note… any asset that is created on XCP and not approved by the Rare Pepe scientists is considered a fake rare… past, present and future.

Here’s another important note… this directory is a curated, bourgeoise set of fake rares… we call them official Fake Rares.

Official Fake Rares began as a bit of a joke. Rare Scrilla, a prolific Rare Pepe artist and serial troller… knowingly violated the rules by posting a fake rare in the official Rare Pepe telegram group… and was banned… so naturally, he spun up BEWARE OF FAKE RARES to provide a “safe space” for sharing fakes. This infamous fake rare became the “proof of ban” card, building the early membership for Fake Rares. After air-dropping FAKEASF to the first 100 members, Fake Rares caught fire as a place to do hoodrat shit with your friends. It has since become a thriving ecosystem of artists, collectors and enthusiasts who are interested in bitcoin-native NFTs and have a deep appreciation for this homage to Rare Pepe.

If you wanna know more, come find us on telegram… you can also watch this HODLCast… it’s good stuff.

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