La Faka Has Been Defeated

TOD 11:58 AM May 26, 2022

On September 21 2021, Rare Scrilla was banned from the Rare Pepe Trading Group telegram room for knowingly violating rule number one… yer only supposed to share Official Rare Pepes in the Rare Pepe chat… Scrilla shared a “fake rare” that was rejected from the directory in 2018. You see, Scrilla had just rediscovered the fake in his wallet, so he figured he’d share it in the chat and give a few away to ppl who shared their addresses. The serial troller was quickly banned from the chat by his buddies, so he decided to spin up a new chat and subsequent directory called Fake Rares. The new chat quickly filled up, and Scrilla offered the FREEDOMKEK card – the fake that got him fake banned in the first place – to anyone who shared the card in the Rare Pepe chat. It was a “Proof of Ban” card and thus became the first card in the Fake Rare directory. Series 0, Card 1. The Rare Pepe administrators eventually unbanned Scrilla and even participated in the new Fake Rares community, and the rest has been written on the blockchain.

Scrilla was having difficulties managing the website, so he recruited the Austrian Connect and his wife take over that shit. He was sorting through hundreds of submissions using a proton mail account, which is garbage even if you know how to use email. Scrilla is first and foremost, an artist and musician… the technical stuff… not his forte. He needed a Queen of Cards to help curate the collection and a Meme Lord Tech Guru to elevate the website and keep the chat fakeasf. Enter Fake Annie and Indelible. Shit ran smooth for maybe a week, but ultimately, they were hacked by a team of Eastern European gangstas – the squad called themselves La Fake Nostra – around Series 2. They threatened the team, stole their memes and overtook the chat… they had DJPEPE at gun point and made him give up password access to Fakes.

La Faka used Scrilla, Fake Annie and Indelible as their slaves until Ghostface Killa from Wu Tang Clan showed up. GFK defeated La Faka and rescued Fake Rares, dropping hot hot fire in Series 4 with original audio tracks. But when Ghostface went on tour, La Faka stole back the directory in a late-night escapade, even demanding tribute from the community in the form of subassets.

The next 100+ cards were dictated by this elite group of balaclava wearing hood rats, but something happened towards the end of Series 7… one late night in America, Fake Annie caught La Faka slipping. She discovered they were working with a South African cartel and – don’t ask how – she forced the South Africans to give up sensitive info on La Faka. When Scrilla presented this info to La Faka, they reluctantly gave back the directory, not wanting to be exposed. In a last-ditch effort to wreak havoc, they nuked the site… but thankfully, the assets were untouchable. Left with a mess, Scrilla and Fake Annie were forced to moonlight as website devs… they would normally have relied on Indelible to work his magic, but he was seemingly kidnapped by La Faka and has since disappeared. (We hope to see Indelible back one day and will pay La Faka a good fake dollar to retrieve his whereabouts.) They were able to get the site back up, though it’s still jankyasf and missing half the data…

Now, after a long and brutal war, we are charging forward, counting our blessings and focusing on our exceptional community. In celebratory fashion, Fake Annie and Scrilla have decided to let the most Pepe of all Pepe collectooooors, Vincent Van Dough, bring peace to the Fake Rare universe by curating Series 8. This gives them time to recalibrate, so we can all get back to doing hood rat shit with our frens.

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