First things first, you need a token… to the normies, this can a little intimidating, so please don’t hesitate to ask your fellow fakers in the Beware of Fake Rares telegram channel. If determined to teach yourself, click here to learn how to create an asset. You’ll need 0.5 XCP (and a little dust for the miner fee… and the perfect name… it says “between 4 and 14 characters” but this is fake news… it can’t be more than 12).

To publish in the Fake Rare Directory, you will need to sacrifice a FAKEASF, only after your fake is approved. They’re expensive… and rich in history. If you need one, feel free to ping the group to inquire about trades, or pick one up from a dispenser. To publish in the Fake Commons Directory, and as an ode to our forefrog-fathers, you will need to destroy a minimum of 2,100 pepecash. Please do not destroy anything until your card has been approved… no refunds.

Once approved, your card will appear on… and… and probably all over twitter. Don’t feel compelled to DM the team to check on the status. Persistence is key in many things… but here it will only distract and delay. 

Real Fake Rules:

  1. Fakes must be 400×560. We all have a little OCD, so please include the right size in your submission… you can link a high-resolution image to your asset, but make sure it follows the same aspect ratio please.
  2. Your fake can look like a trading card, but this is not required. It can be animated gif as well, but keep them to 10 mb or less in size if possible. Use compression.
  3. Issuance must be LOCKED so your Fake cannot be inflated.
  4. Your fake must NOT be DIVISIBLE… when creating an asset, the default is set to divisible, so make sure you click the toggle, otherwise you’ll have to pick a new name for your fake.
  5. No NSFW content please… we don’t have HR on staff and we’re all adults here… so use your best judgement.
  6. You must issue at least 21 tokens and no more than 10,000.
  7. No websites and no QR codes please.
  8. The general rule of thumb is only one submission per artist until approved or denied. After approval or denial you may submit again. If you’ve been waiting a while and have a fire new piece… you may wanna swap for your previous submission… or at least submit to Commons so it can be sniped. Oh, this rule doesn’t apply to Commons… submit to your heart’s content in Commons.
  9. We don’t get paid to do this… we have real life responsibilities… we move as fast as we can, but the best shit takes time. Please bear with us as we sort through your submissions.
  10. Don’t share or sell your fake prior to approval, otherwise we’ll have to kick your submission… once published, please feel free to drop your piece however you see fit. We love Scarce.City and the PPS, but to each his own.

NOTE: Please don’t destroy your FAKEASF (or pepecash) until asked to do so… once your submission is accepted, someone will give you further instructions on the sacrifice. You can destroy the token by using the desktop application.

If you need us, find us on telegram.