1.  Get a counterparty wallet (a. fakerarewallet.com b.rarepepewallet.com or c. counterwallet.io
  2. Note your 12 word passphrase and never give it to anyone!
  3. Transfer a tiny amount of BTC to the address you want to use for your Fake Rares (each action on the counterparty network needs a tiny bit of BTC, e.g 0.0009831BTC/0.059$)
  4. Fill it with the Fakest Rares. Remember, there are a lot of Fake Rare assets, but only the ones on fakeraredirectory.com are certified Fake Rares, carefully examined by specialized fake scientists.
    Where to get Fake Rares:
    • Ask around on Twitter or visit Fake Rares directly at https://twitter.com/FAKERARES_XCP.
    • You should also check out the telegram group here https://t.me/OFFICIALFAKERARES People might be so generous to send you a real Fake Rare. But refrain from spam-posting your addy (even if you see others doing so).
    • You can buy your Fake Rares via www.fakerarewallet.com where you can swap your XCP/PEPECASH for cards. 
    • Another method to buy Fake Rares, is via dispenser through xchain.io. On the the dispenser link, it will tell you which card it is, the price of the card, how many of that card are left and where to send funds to in order to receive your Fake Rare. (This is done in BTC, not XCP/PEPECASH)
    • Do OTC (over the counter) trades with people in here.
    • You can also buy your Fake Rares through scarce.city , there is full instructions on their website showing you how to purchase a fake rare.

Some other useful resources:





Counterparty Decentralized Exchange – XCP Dex

XCP Dex is an open source application that uses Counterparty and Counterblock APIs to make the Dex accessible outside of Counterwallet.