Welcome to the Fake Rares knowledge base, an ever evolving guide to help you get the most out of Fake Rares.

The Fake Records Community Vinyl Release.

What is this? A Record is being pressed as a commemorative item to mark the end of the extremely succesfull series 4 'audio special' themed series, which has bought out huge ammounts of creativity and talent from our fellow artists. What, Wait How? We will fund the...

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Bitcoin Dispensers on Counterparty

In 2019, Counterparty released CIP21 (Counterparty Improvement Proposal) Dispensers.  Dispensers are virtual vending machines that accept Bitcoin for Counterparty Assets.  (Counterparty Dispensers listed on https://www.xchain.io above) Just like a regular...

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The Guide for ART NFTs with Bitcoin

Written by /ffmad  Intro To create Bitcoin NFTs you need to use Counterparty, which is a community protocol on top of Bitcoin. Created in 2014 (with the burning of 2130 BTC, quite the opposite of an ICO), this...

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A Buyers Guide to using Emblem Vault on Opensea.io

By Desktop Commando This guide is to help you understand what to look for, when trading on Opensea, how to make sure you are getting the correct purchase. Emblem Vault is a custom ERC721 Non Fungible Token (NFT), that allows the creator to assign different types of...

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Buy & sell FAKERARES on the DEx using XCP & Pepecash

This tutorial takes you through the process of buying and consequently selling a Counterparty-issued asset (or token/coin) from Counterwallet. By “Counterparty-issued” we mean “issued on the Counterparty platform by its users” as the Counterparty Project does not...

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How To Create a Token Using Counterparty ($XCP)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fake Rares, before you are able to show the world your Fakes you will need to know how to use the Counterparty protocol to issue, send, and trade crypto assets using Bitcoin.  By following this walkthrough you will learn how to ;...

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Where to start your Fake Rare Journey

 Get a counterparty wallet (a. fakerarewallet.com b.rarepepewallet.com or c. counterwallet.io Note your 12 word passphrase and never give it to anyone! Transfer a tiny amount of BTC to the address you want to use for your Fake Rares (each action on the counterparty...

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A short history of Pepe on the blockchain

by Digitally Rare