FAKEBASEL is an event in Switzerland on June 15-18, 2022

Wait, Fake Rares will be at Art Basel Switzerland?


Fake Rares has the opportunity to represent at the event with kind thanks to the efforts of community member FWD. They have managed to secure F A K E R A R E S a fantastic cosy venue, and have a plan to execute an exceptional event and turn up for YOU…. details of which to follow.

F A K E R A R E S request that we all collectively support this endeavor.


What happened so far?

We have received 30+ fakerare assets and a handful of BTC donations from the community to cover all expenses for the event. The auction lot has been successfully sold at scarce.city.


What’s next?

Quite some work will go int the eight series videos, showing all 50 assets successively in portrait mode. In parallel we work on flyers. Also we will meet with the gallery owner and organize notebooks and a projector for the exhibition.


So, what do we get in June?

A small underground Pepe gallery during the Art Basel, Switzerland.
Rumor says there is going to be paperplane flyer squatting and a collective visit to the legendary frog museum in Basel. It’s gunna be hype!