FAKEWAX – The FAKERARES Vinyl Pressing

Feb 27, 2022

The ‘FAKE Records VOL 1’ Vinly pressing is a culmination of the special content created for the F A K E R A R E S Series 4 Audio Collection, in which the entire series was dedicated to highlighting the ability to bind original audio and video experiences to tokens on counterparty. The Fake Rare creator community showcased this incredible innovation through exceptional music and video production projects.

The series kicked off with a special drop brought to Fake Rares featuring GHOSTFACE KILLAH of Wu Tang Clan (these cards were nothing to fuck with) and continued to push audio and visual boundaries with all-out dankness from both new and old faces.

Please be sure to take a look (and listen) through our Series 4 cards so you can truly appreciate why we feel compelled to press this vinyl. 


How to Cop a FAKERARES Vinyl?

First, please sign up to our exclusive whitelist… nah, just kidding.

The vinyl pressing will be funded via token presale. A token will be redeemable for a vinyl after production occurs…. simple as that.

Now for pricing…

150 FAKEWAX Tokens

  • Tier 1: 50 priced at ~$250
  • Tier 2: 50 priced at ~$350
  • Tier 3: 50 priced at ~$425

All monies raised will fund the FAKE Records VOL 1 vinyl pressing, with any leftovers to support continued projects and initiatives within the F A K E R A R E S space… like marketing, galleries, etc.

This token is an official FAKERARE, dubbed S4 C51 to commemorate the exceptionalism showcased in this series.


Shut up, take my money already!

The First Dispenser is EMPTY:


TIP: PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK THE UNCONFIRMED TAB and be sure the availability is good for your order, and use a higher TX fee than  normal  to make sure you hit the queue nicely.

When we know we are down to the last few items in each tier we will call a public close of the dispenser.

As ever, thank you all for your hard work and continued support. The F A K E R A R E S project loves you back.